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Beauty and the Beast

This is the story and characters the audience know so well and love so much. Now it alive in the spectacular live-action version of Disney’s animated classic “Beauty and the Beast”. An impressive, cinematic masterpiece that celebrates one of the most beloved stories that has ever been told. In “Beauty and the Beast” we meet

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Pat and the spider

Pat and the Spider The Biter Bit by Helen Bannerman, 1905 homepage ONce upon a time there was a little boy called Pat, who went for a walk in the jungle, And as he was going along a butterfly called out to him, “Oh, Pat, Pat,please help me out of this dreadful spider’s web.” “Yes,

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Patriots day

PATRIOTS DAY depicts the bombing of the Boston Marathon in 2013, and everyday heroes who inspired the world in the Extraordinary hours that followed. In the wake of the incomprehensible act of terrorism being police Sergeant Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg) with brave survivors, emergency workers and investigators in a race against time to track down


Credit Card trendshift in Norway

More and more Norwegians are using their credit cards for everyday life products, like food, milk, medicine and parkingtickets. Are you among one of them you use your creditcard every day? The norwegian Forbrukerrådet say that this is a risky trend for consumers that leads to more expensive products and services. Now the Norwegian government



Lonely Hearts from Ghosts down the Garden and other Eerie Tales SterlingTimes Homepage Fun-loving troll, dirty and smelly, With damp slimy skin and big hairy belly, Nice muddy fingers and grubby wet toes, Hot, steamy breath and rings through each nose. With stains on his shirt and holes in his socks, Teeth that need cleaning


Ovaltineys rules

Ovaltiney,  was founded in 1935, had its own radio show on Radio Luxembourg, sponsored by the manufacturer. It achieved five million members in 1939. This was a time when few people had televisions, and radio was all-important as a medium, and had huge audiences. The show was broadcast on Sunday evenings between 5.30pm and 6pm


Pancakes for children with oat meal

Healthy pancakes with oat meal and fruits. Perfect healthy pancakes to finish off your traditional english breakfast with a sweet taste. I have always had problems getting my kids to eat enough and healthy. That was until I stumbled upon this pancake recipe for kids. I added some of my own touch and voila! My