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Lonely Hearts from Ghosts down the Garden and other Eerie Tales SterlingTimes Homepage Fun-loving troll, dirty and smelly, With damp slimy skin and big hairy belly, Nice muddy fingers and grubby wet toes, Hot, steamy breath and rings through each nose. With stains on his shirt and holes in his socks, Teeth that need cleaning

Ovaltineys rules

Ovaltiney,  was founded in 1935, had its own radio show on Radio Luxembourg, sponsored by the manufacturer. It achieved five million members in 1939. This was a time when few people had televisions, and radio was all-important as a medium, and had huge audiences. The show was broadcast on Sunday evenings between 5.30pm and 6pm


“The Story of Little Kettlehead;An Awful Warning to Bad Babas”, or”The Story of Little Degchie-head”

We have provided the full story now here By Helen Bannerman Here is another extraordinary Bannerman story that would outrage the politically correct today. Some extracts are reproduced below.   Once upon a time there was a little who lived in India, and her name was Mary. And she was fond of poking fires. Here