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Ovaltineys rules

Ovaltiney,  was founded in 1935, had its own radio show on Radio Luxembourg, sponsored by the manufacturer. It achieved five million members in 1939. This was a time when few people had televisions, and radio was all-important as a medium, and had huge audiences.

The show was broadcast on Sunday evenings between 5.30pm and 6pm over the powerful Long Wave transmitter and the show became well known throughout the UK for its theme song We Are The Ovaltineys. Members of the club received a membership badge and book and the chance to take part in competitions and other activities. There was a weekly comic too.

The Rule Book of The League of Ovaltineys:

ovaltineys_rules1s ovaltineys_rules2s ovaltineys_rules3s ovaltineys_rules4s ovaltineys_rules5s ovaltineys_rules6s ovaltineys_rules7s ovaltineys_rules8s


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