Paddy Roberts

Strictly for Grown-Ups

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Track Listings
1. Love Isn't What It Used to Be    
2. Follow Me    
3. Don't Upset the Little Kiddywinks    
4. Architect    
5. Big Dee Jay    
6. Anglais Aves Son Sang Froid    
7. Ballad of Bethnal Green    
8. Love in a Mist    
9. Short Song    
10. Growing Old    
11. I'v Got the Blues    
12. Lavender Cowboy    
13. Poor Llittle Country Girl    
14. Let Me Introduce the Boys    
15. I Gsve My Love a Cherry    
16. You're a Square    
17. We've Never Had It So Good    
18. I Want to Go Home    
19. Belle Od Barking Creek    
20. Why Did It All Begin?    
21. Awful Lot of Bull    
22. I Love Mary    
23. Pie-Eyed Piper    
24. Tattooed Lady    
25. We've Got to Thank Columbus    
26. What's All This Fuss About Love?


Paddy Roberts Photograph

Paddy Roberts: Songwriter

Born 1910 in South Africa
Died:Sept 1975 in UK
A former lawyer in SA, he was in the RAF in WW2, and after the war was a pilot with BOAC.
Held offices in the Performing Rights Society and the Song Writers Guild.
His LPs include:
"Paddy Roberts at the Blue Angel" (Live) Decca 1961
"The Best of Paddy Roberts" MFP/EMI 1968

His many hit songs in the 1950's include:
- The Book (David Whitfield)
- Lay Down Your Arms(Anne Shelton)
- Meet Me on the Corner(Max Bygraves)
- Pickin' a Chicken (Eve Boswell)
- Evermore (Ruby Murray)
- Softly Softly (Ruby Murray)
- Johnny is the boy for Me
- It's a Boy
- That Dear Old Gentleman
- Send For Me
- The Three Galleons
- Ballad of Bethnal Green
- The Belle of Barking Creek
- The Big Deejay
- T he  Lavender Cowboy

His songs for Films include:
Magic Carpet (from "No Time for Tears")
Title Song for "The Heart of a Man" (Frankie Vaughan)
You Are My First Love (from "Its Great to be Young")
I' m in Love for the Very First Time  (from "An Alligator Named Daisy")
Several songs for "The Good Companions" (1957)

Strictly for Grown-Ups

Publisher's blurb: "The somewhat low and twisted songs in this collection are the mutterings of the leader of the Victorian 'beat' generation, and the original angry old man.
Paddy (Methuselah) Roberts is an ageing and rather passť; words and music man; a square in musical circles, unable to 'dig' the trends of today's jungle music, and who is happiest when reminiscing about his brief hours of glory (spread over a twenty-year period) when he wrote such commonplace doodles as "Horsey Horsey", "Softly Softly", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Meet Me On the Corner", "Pickin' A Chicken", etc., which disappointed his dear old intellectual mother but pleased his local bank manager. Among his hobbies is collecting antiques, and his most prized possession is himself.
This is probably the dear old man's last fling and is published more in pity than in hope. The author will be happy to supply a list of his other works which are not obtainable from your local music dealer." 1959


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