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Pancakes for children with oat meal

Healthy pancakes with oat meal and fruits. Perfect healthy pancakes to finish off your traditional english breakfast with a sweet taste.

I have always had problems getting my kids to eat enough and healthy. That was until I stumbled upon this pancake recipe for kids. I added some of my own touch and voila! My children are eating more breakfast then ever.


3 dl oatmeal

3 dl wholemeal

3 eggs

4 dl milk

1 sts bikarbonate

1/2 sts salt

1 tss cinnemon

1  grated banan

1 grated apple

Mix all the dry ingredients together. If you dont have Bikarbonate use baking powder or similar. This is just to get the pancakes to thicken to the consistency kids love.

Add the milk and eggs. Whisk it all together for half a minute.

Add grated fruits.

Put 1 ts butter in the frying pan. Set the heat on 6(scale 1 to 10). When the butter has melted ad 3 small pancakes in the pan. They should be about the same size as the space between your indexfingers and thumbs(when you put them together).

PancakesFry the pancakes until they are almost dry on the top. Then flip the pancakes and fry them for 1 min.

Do the same with the rest of the pancake batter. You do not need to ad butter everytime tough.

Lay on a thin layer of yogurt (natural) on your pancake. Ad the fruits on top as shown on the picture. Your kids will love it!

For some more sweet taste ad some sprinkles of sugar or honey on top.

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